3rd International Industry Fair in Algeria

All solutions for factory productivity


After two editions, SINAA Expo Industries, the major gathering of suppliers of equipment and services for plant productivity, has established itself as the benchmark event for industry in Algeria!
Algeria plans to increase the contribution of industry to the national GDP from 10 to 15%, in order to get the sector off the ground. The SINAA Expo Industries show will catalyze this drive by bringing together all the players in the various sectors of industry, from upstream to downstream, covering the entire supply chain in a horizontal, multi-sector manner, to ensure an Algerian industrial revolution!

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The unmissable event for the industrial sector

The general operation of a production site is very similar for all industries, and operates according to the same procedures: storage, handling, process, fluid and air control, manufacturing, packaging, control, safety, etc.

SINAA Expo offers a global solution to all these needs thanks to a very complete panel of exhibitors responding to Algerian industrialists who will make the most of the time invested in the show by finding a “one-stop-shop” solution!


Machines and tools

Planing Machines / Materials / Raw Material / Robotics, Safety & Protection / Machinery

Industrial Equipment & Components

Consumables, Wires and Cables, Generators, Chemicals…

Auxiliary Services

Bank / Insurances / Certification / R&D / Media / Startups / Finance firms / Accreditation / Standardization

Industrial Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance, Curative Maintenance, CMMS, Hydraulic Maintenance…

Engineering & Services

Oil & Gas services / Engineering and design firms / Studies and Consulting / Heat treatment

Fluid and gas treatment

Sealing / Pumps / Valves / Solenoid valves / Water treatment / Gas treatment / Fluid management / Boilermaking

Electricity and elctronics

Electrical Energy / Electronic Parts, EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Service) / Industrial Sensors

Forges, Foundries & Metal processing

Metal processing / Foundries / Forgeries / Non-ferrous materials / Processing ( Aluminium, Titanium , Magnesium, Light Alloys)

Automation and Robotics

Automation / Motorisation / Assembly / Robotics / Software ( SCADA, CAD/CAM, CAMM) / Machine learning / HMI

Measurement & Instrumentation

Measurement / Industrial Analysis / Regulation / Detection / Instrumentation / Metrology

Machining & Subcontracting

Forging / Thermoforging / Bending / Cutting / Flame cutting / Turning / Milling / Electrical discharge / Machining / Drilling / Boring / Mechanical Subcontracting

Handling, Logistics & Packaging

Transport / Shelving / Storage & Warehousing / Flow Management / Trucks / Machines / Continuous handling / Conveying / Containers / Bins and Pallets

Digital factories & IT

IT & Software / Industry 4.0 / Artificial Intelligence / IT Security / Networks, Telecommunications / Industrial computing / IoT / Cloud

Industrial buildings & Hvac

Turnkey projects / Construction materials / Insulation / Heating / Ventilation / Cooling and Air / Conditionning (HVAC)

Quality, Health, Safety & Environment

Quality Control / PPE / Inspection / Vacuuming / Dusting / Smoke removal / Industrial cleaning / HSE services


Exhibit at SINAA Expo Industries

If there’s a time and place for you to exhibit after the critical period the world in general and the industry in particular have just gone through, it’s certainly at SINAA Expo 2024 at the Palais des Expositions d’Alger, Pavillon Central, from December 03 to 05, 2024.


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